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Publication(with ABSTRACT)

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The finite element modeling with Non-linear geometry and static Riks analysis for an elastic rod was employed to estimate the 2D and 3D Elastica shapes under post-buckling condition. The studied case is in ill-condition and the Riks method is useful for unstable cases and can speed up convergence in ill-conditioned problems that do not exhibit instability. Therefore, this method is used in this study. Then, a twisted shape of Elastica was investigated through applying a pair of equal unbalancing twisted torques to the ends of a 2D Elastica shape using finite element analysis (static analysis). Static method that is implicit, accurate and limited to simple issues without complex contacts is used in this study. Problem analysis with the FEM software is easier and more quickly than the analytical solution and simplified assumption can be reduced for achieving more perfect models in future research. An experimental method was designed to calculate aspect ratios of base and twisted Elastica forms. LDPE (low density Polyethylene) due to availability and uniformity of the produced rod has been used in experiments and therefore LPDE properties are used in the modeling software. At the end, being compared together, the experimental and theoretical aspect ratios were in good agreement.



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Consumer points of view determine economical value of fabrics. Fabric luster plays a momentous role in attracting people's attention, especially for clothing and domestic purposes. Luster is defined by intensity of both specular and diffuse light reflection off a surface. There are various methods for measuring a surface luster and gloss. Luster is described as a ratio of specular reflection in one angle to diffuse reflection in another angle.

Two-bar warp knitted polyester fabrics such as Tricot, Locknit, Satin, reverse Locknit and Sharkskin in three different densities were provided. Mini gloss apparatus was applied to measure the mentioned fabrics specular reflection in the angle of sixty, before and after disperse dying in different colors of white, blue and yellow. Results suggested that luster is a function of knitted fabric type, color and density as well. Enhancement of technical back luster results from longer underlap in front bar. However, it doesn’t change the technical face luster significantly. Density increase in all kinds of knitted fabrics caused the luster to decrease. Dark color fabrics show lower luster compared to light ones.




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