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Students Project

Under graduated projects:


1- Investigation of the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Three Component Yarn (Cotton/Polyester/Wool)
2- Effect of Warp Knitted Structures on Its Drape
3- Effect of Loop Length on Hairiness of Interlock Weft Knitted Fabric
4- Relationship between Relaxed Warp Knitted Fabric Structures and Curling
5- Investigation of Some Factors Affective Mechanical Properties of Multiaxial Fabrics
6- Investigation of the Structure Parameters of Relaxed Warp Knitted Fabrics on Luster
7- Investigation of Light Passing on Open Work Knitted Structures
8- Effect of Openwork Warp Knitted Structures on its Drape9- The Relationship between Structural Parameters and Strength of the Open Work Warp Knitted Fabric using Mathematical Model
10 - Simulation of Heat Transfer in Interlock Weft Knitted Fabrics
11 - Investigation into Consumers Use of Core-Label Information in the Appravel Products
12- Investigation into the Hole Dimension Effect on the Prosity of Two-Bar Warp Knitted Fabrics with Part-Set Threading
13- Analysis of the Effect of Lycra Yarn Feeding Parameters on Bagging Behavior of Weft Knitted Fabrics
14 - Copmarison of Mechanical Properties of Weft knitting Fabrics Made from Elastic Core Spun Yarn Plating
15 - Feasibility of Making Weft Insertion on the Double Jersey Circular Weft Knitting Machine and Investigate Its Mechanical Properties
16- Prodction and Parameters Affecting of the Compression socks on the Stoll Machine


Graduated projects:


1- Investigation of the Strength Distribution in Two Layer Fabrics Edge by Using a Mechanical Model
2- Investigation of the Wrap-knitted Loop Geometry Using a Mechanical Model
3- Evaluation of Energy Absorption in Composites Reinforced by 3-D Weft Knitted Fabrics
4- A New Geometrical Model of Plain Weft Knitted Loop Composed of Multifilament Yarn
5- Parametric Analysis of Curling Behavior of Weft Knitted Fabrics in Relation to Fabric Structure and Yarn Properties
6- Modeling of the Bagging Behaviour of Weft Knitted Fabrics using Finite Element Method
7- Frictional Behavior Modeling of Tire Slip-Proof Cover Fabric
8- Manufacturing Multi-axial Fabric and Investigation into Tensile Behaviour of Its Fabrics
9- Investigation into Effect of Structural Parameters of Warp Knitted Fabrics on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Synthetic Leather Made from It
10- Investigation into Light and Air Permeability of Weft Knitted Fabrics Made from Hybrid Smart Yarn
11- Investigation into Mechanical Behavior of Tubular Textile Structures Using a Small Strain Thin-walled Cylindrical Model



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