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Research Projects

University Research
The Effect of SMP Yarns on Properties of Textile Fabric
Production and Parameters Affecting of the Compression socks on the Stoll Machine
Feasibility of Making Weft Insertion on the Double Jersey Circular Weft Knitting Machine and Investigate Its Mechanical Properties
Comparison of Mechanical Properties of Weft knitting Fabrics Made from Elastic Core Spun Yarn Plating
Analysis of the Effect of Lycra Yarn Feeding Parameters on Bagging Behavior of Weft Knitted Fabrics
Investigation into the Hole Dimension Effect on the Porosity of Two-Bar Warp Knitted Fabrics with Part-Set Threading
The Relationship between Structural Parameters and Strength of the Open Work Warp Knitted Fabric using Mathematical Model
Investigation into Consumers Use of Core-Label Information in the Apparel Products
Simulation of Heat Transfer in Interlock Weft Knitted Fabrics
Effect of Openwork Warp Knitted Structures on its Drape
Investigation of Light Passing on Open Work Knitted Structures
Investigation of the Structure Parameters of Relaxed Warp Knitted Fabrics on Luster
Investigation of Some Factors Affective Mechanical Properties of Multaxial Fabrics
Graduate education projects
Analysis of Factors Affecting Punching Force during Random-Velour Needling Process
Geometrical Model of Weft Knitted Loop for Multifilament Yarn
Investigation into Energy Absorption Capacity of Composites Reinforced by 3-D Weft Knitted Fabrics
Investigation into Wrap-knitted Loop Geometry Using a Mechanical Model
Investigation of the Strength Distribution in Two Layer Fabrics Edge by Using a Mechanical Model
The Analysis of Tensional Forces in the Elements of Marquisette Curtain Net as a Consequence of Vertical Drape, Using Finite Elements Software
Deformation Evaluation of Multiaxial Fabrics due to External Forces
Investigation into tensile behavior of multi - axial needle punch structures
Investigation in to the structural effect of braiding composed of metallic core yarn on the amount of heat generated
Investigation into Mechanical Behavior of Braiding and Weaving Tubular Structures with Using Thin-Walled Cylindrical Model in Small Strain
An investigation into effect of double guide bar warp knitted fabric structure on light and air permeability's and sound absorption
The Effect of Structural Parameters of Warp Knitted Substrate on The Produced Artificial Leather
Manufacturing multiaxial fabric and characterizing its tensile behavior
Frictional Behavior Modeling of Tire Slip-Proof Cover Fabric
Parametric Analysis of Curling Behavior of Weft Knitted Fabrics in Relation to Fabric Structure and Yarn Properties
Modeling of the Bagging Behavior of Weft Knitted Fabrics using Finite Element Method
Predicting and optimizing the pilling performance of weft knitted fabrics produced from blended worsted yarns
Relationship between Relaxed Warp Knitted Fabric Structures and Curling
Effect of Loop Length on Hairness of Interlock Weft Knitted Fabric
Effect of Warp Knitted Structures on Its Drop
Investigation of the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Three Component Yarn (Cotton/Polyester/Wool)

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